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'Traveler' Bass Case Measurements

The new Tuff-Lite Travel case is designed to either ship fully combined (neck into body case), or separately as two pieces: Neck and Body case.  Both cases are specially equipped to handle whichever way the travel/airline situation might dictate.

Here are the exterior dimensions as well as the interior dimensions of the body. 

Unlike the Ultra Bass case in which we specifically designed that case around the dimensions of an average 3/4 bass, our Traveler Case can accommodate a slightly bigger bass if need be.  In the photo (below), we have a Thompson plywood removable neck bass.  While it is a normal sized plywood, you can see inside our Traveler, we have plenty of space on the sides for a bigger bass.  Also can fit a longer bass as well.  There is plenty of room for a cover to be packed in with the bass, with the neck folded over in front.


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