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'Ultra' Bass Flight Case

The new Tuff-Lite Ultra model bass case is the most innovative, durable and useful case in the world.  The case is named most appropriately in that it pushes the limits on innovation and the most cutting edge, high tech composite technologies and engineering. 

The Ultra is the first case that is designed from the inside out!  We specially scanned a normal, typical 3/4 size bass in giant scanner, so that every little square centimeter is accounted for and not wasted space, or weight.  Size is always a consideration in overall weight.  At the same time, a skin tight case or a case that didn't have the 'safe space' between the bass ribs and case, also is accounted for so that any impact during shipping, the bass will not directly absorb the shock or hit.  

The Weight:  From the beginning, our non-negotiable goal was to get the lightest case, without losing an ounce or protection for the bass inside it.  Average weight on the Ultra is around 41 lbs.  That is, a completely finished, all parts on it, ready to go..  41 lbs!  We could have shaved off even more weight, but again, our equally important requirement was a case that protects and is used, over and over again.

The Tuff-Lite Ultra bass cases are made strictly using the carbon fiber/kevlar techonology, super heated so that all access resin can be vacuumed and squeezed out of the material so that this is super strong and super lightweight.  Equally important is how easy and functional this case is.  We thought long and hard about using the same aluminum brace at the bottom of this case (as is on the Pro model) and decided that for just 1/2 lbs, that function of keeping the lid solidly open when loading, more important than lightening it only 1/2 lb.  This is the sort of back and forth thought process that was exercised on the new Ultra case from top to bottom and took almost 2 years in designing to finally get THE case that we wanted and everyone needed.  Again, a light, durable case, easy to use for many years of hard use and abuse.

Technology to the rescue!  When the Ultra case was in its R & D stage, we told the engineers about the new travel restrictions on weight and size with the airlines.  Who could have predicted that these same airline restrictions and hurdles would actually be solved in large part, by using the very same new airline technology?!  The new, high tech 787 Dreamliner uses the same high density, lightweight engineering:  honeycombed aramid fibers and carbon fiber/kevlar materials processed in the same way, for a stronger and lighter component in the end.

Tuff-Lite Ultra: Any photo here can be clicked for a larger more detailed image

Tuff-Lite Ultra Bass Case Tuff-Lite Ultra Bass Case Tuff-Lite Ultra Bass Case Tuff-Lite Ultra Bass Case

Tuff-Lite Ultra Bass Case

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